Darwin was full of beans

From “The Killer Angels” by Michael Shaara: Two Confederate officers talking about the newly published Darwin theory “Well you may have descended from apes and I may have descended from apes but General Lee he didn’t descend from no ape”

I have never believed that we evolved from a lower species. Not just because I learned “God made me” and everything else in catechism but because it never made any sense to me. How could it be possible that the ONLY species that can design and build a clock (for example) is us and every other species still with us has had as long to “evolve” as we have.

Just yesterday I was looking at the mantle (on which nothing has changed for at least 20 years) and I noticed a little black statue my wife bought probably 50 years ago at the MMA gift shop and it first struck me DARWIN WAS FULL OF BEANS. The statue is a reproduction of an ancient Egyptian sculpture of a well known breed of cat still very common today. Those cats are the same today as they were 3,000 years ago. They are same now as they were then, we aren’t. The live as long now as they did then, we don’t. Etc, etc, etc. They couldn’t have the conversation those officers had AND they can’t write a refutation of what I’m saying about them. They can’t even spell refutation as smart as they are.
Don’t think I’m prejudiced against cats I’m a cat lover.

john - I'm an 82 year old lifetime regular church goer that knows many folks that don't go to church but are more likely to live with God eternally than I am so I want to try to give them some support and a voice in THIS life.

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